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Retiree Benefits

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At Los Rios, we strive to provide our retirees with a comprehensive benefits package that offers flexibility and security each year.

Check out the benefits guide for complete information.

2024 Retiree Benefits Guide


You're eligible for the benefits outlined here if you are a retiree who qualified for retiree health benefits. (Refer to the individual collective bargaining agreements or district policies for specific qualification requirements.) Eligible dependents include your:

  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Unmarried children to age 25 for dental insurance, regardless of student status
  • Children to age 26, regardless of marital or student status for all other plans
  • Unmarried children of any age if they are incapable of self-support due to mental or physical disability
  • If you predecease your spouse/domestic partner or other eligible dependents, they may remain on the Los Rios plan provided they maintain eligibility; however, family members are not entitled to the district contribution. The District contribution is for the retiree only.

You may be required to provide proof of dependent eligibility. If your dependent becomes ineligible for coverage, then you must contact the Employee Benefits Department within 31 days.

Enrolling and Making Changes to Your Benefits

There are three opportunities to make changes to your benefits:

Health and Dental Insurance

Los Rios offers its retirees health and dental insurance plans to choose from.

Compare Plans


District Resources

Enrolling in Medicare

Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance

Apply for LTC Insurance

At retirement, you have the option of continuing your long term care plan through UNUM at the same rate, and you'll make your payments directly to UNUM.

When you retire, you will receive a Long-Term Care Coverage Continuation form. To continue your policy, complete the form and mail it to UNUM.

The continuation of coverage must be elected within 60 days of the date the group coverage would otherwise end. UNUM will bill you directly, and you will submit payments directly to UNUM.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact UNUM at (800) 227- 4165.

Retirement Savings Plans

As a retiree of an educational institution, you had the option of participating in a tax-deferred retirement savings program as authorized by Sections 403(b) and 457 of the Internal Revenue Code. If you participated in these programs, you sheltered a portion of your compensation otherwise subject to Federal and State income tax to purchase supplemental retirement benefits.

Your 403(b) and 457 contributions, with accumulated interest and dividends, are not subject to Federal or State income taxes until the funds are withdrawn. There are restrictions and you may have significant penalties on early withdrawals. There is also an element of risk associated with the 403(b) and 457 programs, as your funds are not insured and are subject to earnings (or losses) based on your investment choices and market performance.


Converting Sick Leave to CalPERS/CalSTRS Service Credit

CalPERS Retirees

A CalPERS retiree may use accrued sick leave to convert to service credit. After an employee submits their final absence report, the Los Rios Employee Benefits Department reports any unused sick leave to CalPERS. CalPERS will then notify the retiree of the amount of reported sick leave.

CalSTRS Retirees

A CalSTRS retiree may use accrued sick leave to convert to service credit. Full-time employees who worked overload may also have overload sick leave (earned after July 1, 2002) converted to service credit. The Los Rios Employee Benefits Department will report unused sick leave for service credit to CalSTRS and will mail the employee the completed form with the fax confirmation, for the retiree's records.

Faculty Conversion Rates

Faculty Type Work Days (Compressed Calendar) Contract Base Service Days Monthly Accrual Rate Conversion Rate (Hours to Days)
Coordinators, Nurses 174 185 6.25 7.5
Counselors 174 185 5.42 6.5
Librarians 164 175 7 7.5
Full-Time Instructors 164 175 4 4
Adjunct / Overload / Summer 164 175 FTE x 15 3

Join College Emeriti Association

Faculty, staff, and managers have an opportunity to maintain their relationship with Los Rios after they retire by joining a college emeriti association.

Behavioral Health Resources

The mental health and well-being of our employees is important to Los Rios. We strive to add new resources to help employees who may be having a difficult time in life. In addition to our EAP resources, we are providing the resources shown below. We hope you find these of value.

Kaiser Permanente Resources

Sutter Health Resources

Western Health Advantage Resources

LifeWorks Resources