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The specific typefaces chosen to represent the brand put forth a visual voice and tone to convey key words and messages. Our brand typography establishes the district's dignity and prestige in a modern and clean manner. The marriage of serif and san-serif fonts reinforce this duality.

Primary Typefaces

When available, use Baskerville and Avenir Next as the primary and secondary fonts. Additional fonts may be used on official website(s).

Primary Header: Baskerville

Baskerville typeface alphabet

Primary Body: Avenir Next

Avenir Next typeface alphabet

Alternate Typefaces

Use Times New Roman and Arial when Baskerville and Avenir Next are not available.

Alternate Header: Times New Roman

Times New Roman typeface alphabet

Alternate Body: Arial

Arial typeface alphabet

Web Typefaces

Libre Baskerville and Source Sans Pro are Los Rios' official website fonts. Both are available for free through Google Fonts.

Website Header: Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville typeface alphabet

Website Body: Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro typeface alphabet