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Fall 2021 to Spring 2022

Assuming you meet the requirements for participation, the following calculator will allow you to determine – based on FTE entered – your share of the monthly premium payment for the medical plans and dental plan offered at Los Rios. Your tentative class schedule (TCS) in place as of August 23, 2021 for the fall semester and February 10, 2022 for the spring will be used to determine your contribution toward benefit premiums.

Enter the FTE for the semester, for example: if your FTE will be .533 for the semester, enter .533 in the "Enter FTE" box. After the deadline date, FTE changes will not affect your share of the monthly premium or ability to participate unless the TCS is canceled in its entirety. It is your responsibility to ensure the TCS is in place by the deadline.

The FTE entered must be between .300 and .600. If the FTE entered is outside the above parameter, then the premium reflected will be inaccurate.

Result of Premiums Based on the FTE Entered

The following contribution amounts are estimates and the actual rates may be slightly different due to rounding.
Provider/Plan Premium Contribution
Kaiser HMO
Kaiser DHMO
Sutter Health Plus HMO
Sutter Health Plus HDHP HMO
Western Health Advantage HMO
Western Health Advantage HDHP HMO
Delta Dental

Please remember that your premium costs will change from semester to semester with changes to your FTE or premium and/or district contribution changes. Premium or district contribution changes generally have a July 1 effective date, which coincides with our medical plan year renewal.

Enrollment applications and other required documentation must be received in the Employee Benefits Department by the due date outlined in your Adjunct Enrollment Period communications.

We do not accept late submittals, so please make sure you meet these deadlines.