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Asian Pacific Islander Legacy

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API Legacy: Employee Resource Group

Asian Pacific Islander (API) Legacy is a community of Asian American, East Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, and Southeast Asian employees within the Los Rios Community College District.


API Legacy organized the inaugural API Scholars Rising Ceremony in May 2018, honoring Los Rios graduates of API descent while celebrating diverse voices, cultural heritage, leadership, and legacy.

Our goals are to:

  • Support, celebrate, and advocate for the diverse needs of API students and employees.
  • Build avenues of mentorship that nurture diverse API leadership, visibility, and cultural competency.
  • Create spaces that engage and retain API employees.
  • Engage in intersectional equity work in solidarity with other communities of color and disproportionately impacted groups to close equity gaps in Los Rios Colleges.


American River College
Oranit Limmaneeprasert
(916) 484-8950

Cosumnes River College
Paolo Soriano
(916) 691-7526

District Office
Ashley Poole
(916) 568-3106

Folsom Lake College
Valerie Chueh
(916) 608-6868

Sacramento City College
Jamil Malik
(916) 558-2189