Comunidad: Latinx Resource Group

Comunidad is an employee resource group serving Latinx/Chicanx and undocumented communities.


Comunidad de LRCCD strives to be at the forefront of research-informed, data-driven, and culturally relevant innovation to dismantle systems of oppression and build an environment that reflects the aspirations of our communities, colleges, and district.

Comunidad de LRCCD is a culturally-based professional network that serves to enhance professional opportunities, advocate for students, and create a safe and welcoming environment for the Latinx/Chicanx and undocumented communities.

There is a long history in the Los Rios Community College District of Latinx/Chicanx employees who have organized a support system for new and continuing professionals in the district. A sense of familia is critical for Latinx/Chicanx individuals to thrive in the large and complex institution of education, for professionals as much as students.

In the early 2000s, the “Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association (LRLFSA)” formed at Sacramento City College. In 2013, the districtwide Comunidad group first met during the UC Davis HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution) Summit. The districtwide Comunidad Mission and Vision statements were written during the Comunidad retreat in the summer of 2017. These events established a foundation for Comunidad today.




American River College
Mario Rodriguez

Veronica Lopez

Cosumnes River College
Joann Ramirez

Folsom Lake College
Andrea Fuertes

Sacramento City College
Lorena Jauregui

Districtwide Comunidad Webmaster
Antonio López

Honrando 2020 Event Chairs
Andrea Fuertes

Augustine Chavez

Ana-Paula Deoliveira