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The Los Rios Recruitment Office (in Human Resources) helps departments find qualified adjunct faculty applicants as quickly as possible, while continuing to provide a hiring process that ensures nondiscrimination and equal opportunity to all qualified individuals.

Adjunct pools are continuously open for applicants to apply to – there are no closing dates. All current adjunct pools have been screened for minimum qualifications for each discipline taught at our campuses.

Since adjunct job postings are listed by discipline, they typically give general information about the nature of the adjunct assignment and list the minimum qualifications for the position. If you have a discipline specific to your college and you think it would helpful to the applicant and department to have more detailed information in the job posting, then we are happy to work with you to modify the posting.

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Overview of the Adjunct Pool Process

Adjuncts Must Apply Through Jobs Portal

Per Board Regulation 5122: Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment: Adjunct Faculty, applicants must apply to the appropriate adjunct pool to be considered for a position.

It is essential that departments only consider applicants who have applied to the appropriate adjunct pool. To ensure fairness and equity, individuals must be in the pool to be considered for screening/hiring. This includes emergency adjunct hires.

Minimum Qualifications and Transcripts

We verify that applicants meet the required minimum qualifications with the appropriate degrees and/or credentials on their transcripts and/or professional or work experience.

Applicants who do not provide the required unofficial copies of transcripts with degree completion or conferral dates are screened out of the active pool and notified via email that transcripts are required. Applicants who don't provide unofficial transcripts will remain inactive in until we receive unofficial transcripts.

Keeping Adjunct Pools Updated

To help keep our pools current and updated with interested and available applicants, we annually email adjunct pool applicants and remind them to update their application information. Applicants must respond affirmatively to the email to remain active in the pool.

Indicating a Preferred Work Location

Although an applicant may indicate on the application at which campus they prefer to work, please don't exclude them if they do not choose yours. Applicants don't always update their preferred work location – even if their situation changes – and will often consider other campuses.

Request to View an Adjunct Pool

Contact Human Resources to request to view an adjunct pool. At the time of your request, we will make sure that all qualified applicants are screened into the pool.

We will make a copy of the adjunct pool and email you instructions on how to view the pool online. Usually, we can provide this to you within five days.

Any applications that are received after the pool copy is made will not show up in your pool automatically. If a candidate applies after your copy is made, then we will need to add them to your copy.

If your pool is lacking in qualified applicants, then contact Ronald Smith at to talk about other options for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)