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Los Rios is committed to an accessible recruitment and hiring process, allowing all qualified applicants an equitable opportunity for employment. That's why we offer limited travel reimbursement for a portion of travel costs to candidates who are selected for interview and who reside out of town, state, or country.

The job posting will indicate whether candidates are eligible for limited reimbursement.

Guidelines for Reimbursement

Mileage Determination

Reimbursement amount is made based on travel for one-way mileage from the physical address listed on the candidate's application to the interview location. See our full Candidate Reimbursement Policy (PDF) for complete information.

Mileage is determined using a GPS map (for example, Google Maps or MapQuest).

Reimbursement Rates

Reimbursements are a flat rate and will not exceed the following amounts.
Interview Level One-Way Mileage (Physical Address to Interview Location) Maximum Reimbursement Amount
First interview 399 miles or fewer $0
First and second interview 399 miles or fewer (combined) $250
First interview Between 400 and 599 miles $250
First and second interview Between 400 and 599 miles (combined) $350
First interview 600 miles or more $350
First and second interview 600 miles or more (combined) $450

Travel Receipts

To be reimbursed, the candidate must submit a printed copy of the GPS driving directions either at the time of their interview or within seven days of their interview.

Processing Time

Please allow six to eight weeks for a reimbursement check to be processed.

Multiple Interviews

Candidates who interview for more than one position within the district on the same day or consecutive days will receive a single reimbursement. In addition, candidates who submit multiple reimbursement requests at different colleges for the same expenses (for example, a flight) will receive only one reimbursement.


If you are a candidate with questions about reimbursement, then please contact the college department where you interviewed.