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Shared Principles for Screening, Interviewing and Confidentiality

Los Rios employees are key contributors in the selection process of new employees who will serve our students and colleges. As such, shared principles and values which are part of our culture are evidenced in our practices.

Employees involved in the screening/hiring process support the following principles:


  • Los Rios is committed to being an Equal Opportunity Employer. LRCCD rejects discriminatory hiring practices, especially those based upon ethnic group identification, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, age (over forty), sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, political activities, political affiliation, military and veteran status, marital status, or disability.


  • The hiring process includes the recruitment process; development of interests, screening criteria and interview questions; the paper screening of the applicants materials; interviewing and subsequent discussion of the candidates. Confidentiality should be maintained prior to, during, and following the recruitment process, including reference checks.
  • All written, verbal and electronic records and information regarding this hiring process are confidential prior to, during, and following the interview process, including reference checks.
  • For committee members, confidentiality throughout the process, from the development of an announcement to the final hiring action by the Board of Trustees and beyond, is essential to maintain the integrity of the hiring process.

Keeping It Legal

  • A mandatory requirement of non-discrimination ensures candidates are treated equitably throughout the process. Independent fact-finding activities by committee members, including electronic searches on social media and/or other venues, are outside the process and not appropriate.
  • Questions regarding the interview process should be referred to the Hiring Committee Chair, Equity Representative, College Equity Officer, or District Human Resources.
  • Hiring Committee Members having a close personal or familial relationship (i.e., living with and/or having a legal connection to) or business connection with any applicant shall notify the Hiring Committee Chair or Equity Representative, or the College Equity Officer.
  • Failure to maintain confidentiality and equitable treatment throughout the process m ay result in a violation of Federal or State regulations and/or incur liability upon the District.

Helpful Hints

  • Keep all written notes in the interview folder and submit to the Committee Chair / Equity Representative after each meeting.
  • If a candidate contacts you regarding the process, please refer the candidate to the Committee Chair or to Human Resources.

Thank you for agreeing to share your time and expertise as a key member of this committee. The selection of Los Rios employees is one of the most important responsibilities within the district. Members of a screening/interview committee are acting as agents of the district and are participating in a confidential process [Title 5, California Code of Regulations, section 53023 (a)]. Any disclosure of records or information of the evaluation process for any individual would amount to an unwarranted invasion of privacy as set forth in Section 6254 of the California Government Code.

These shared principles were jointly prepared by the district and the District Academic Senate and supported by other unions/associations involved in the interview process.

Shared Principles (PDF)