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After you hire an administrative candidate, complete and return the following to Kenya Runyan in the District Office Human Resources Department:

  1. Administrative Position Hiring Summary Form P-131-0 – to be completed by the Committee Chairperson
  2. Equal Opportunity Employment Checklist Form P-130 – to be completed by Equity Officer/Representative.
  3. Reference Check Form – reference checking can be completed by the hiring department, or by a Director of Human Resources.
  4. Recommendation for Administrative Employment Form P-673-0 – completed by the hiring Vice President/Director to place hire on Board Agenda.
  5. Interview questions with committee notations
  6. A blank copy of the interview questions
  7. Individual rating sheets
  8. Screening criteria
  9. Any writing samples used during the interview process
  10. Reference checks
  11. Copies of any letters sent to interviewed applicants not selected as a finalist