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A person operating a Live Scan fingerprinting machine

Los Rios Community College District requires employees to get fingerprinted before they are hired. If you are offered a position, then your hiring supervisor will give you a Live Scan packet.


Before you get your fingerprints taken, you will be given a Request for Live Scan Service form.

  1. Visit the Office of the Attorney General's Live Scan Locations website to find an agency offering Live Scan fingerprinting services or make an appointment at one of our campus police centers.
  2. Complete all sections on the Request for Live Scan Service form marked by an X.
  3. Bring the form with you to your Live Scan appointment. The Live Scan operator will keep the top copy of the form and return the remaining two copies of the form to you.
  4. Provide one copy of the completed Live Scan form as indicated in the instructions provided with the form.