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Timeline for Online Student Review Requests

Spring 2024
Session Survey Request Due Survey Available to Students
First Eight Week (8W1) February 4 February 18 to 24
Second Eight Week (8W2) March 17 March 31 to April 6
Full-Term (FT) March 17 March 31 to April 6


Step 1: Dean Makes the Survey Request

Download and fill out the Student Survey Request Template and submit it using the survey request form (please note that you must be logged in to Los Rios Single Sign-On to access the form).

Submit the form at least two weeeks before the requested start date and keep the following in mind:

  • Do not include courses for which you are doing on-ground, paper student surveys
  • Include only one class number per line on the spreadsheet
  • Give the specific dates you are requesting for OT sections. It should be a 7-day span

The submitter will receive confirmation that their request form has been received. Unless you hear back form DOIT, the form will be processed and implemented as requested.

Step 2: Survey is Created and Deployed in Canvas

Students will receive an email notification containing the following standardized language:

Dear [User First Name]:

This email is to ask you to complete an Online Student Evaluation of Faculty Performance. Beginning on [Survey Start Date], you will find a link to the Online Student Evaluation on your course navigation bar in Canvas. Please click on the link to the online evaluation and then choose the evaluation to complete before midnight on [Survey End Date].

Student feedback is an important part of the faculty evaluation process. Each faculty member has a peer review committee that will review the completed forms and take student input into account when completing the faculty evaluation process. Answers on the survey are ANONYMOUS and cannot be associated with any individual student's replies. The instructor has NO ACCESS to this site and cannot view any student's responses. The anonymous survey results will be given to the instructor AFTER grades have been submitted at the end of the semester.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Students will receive this notification three times:

  1. On the day before the survey is available
  2. On the day the survey is available
  3. Five days after the survey is available

Step 3: Dean Sends Emails to Faculty and Peer Review Team

The dean will send emails to the instructor and the peer review team before the start date of the online student review process, detailing the agreed upon window for evaluation using the following standardized language:

Subject: Student Review of Faculty Performance: [Course Designator]


Dear [Faculty Member],

This email is to notify you that your peer review team has initiated the process for Online Student Evaluation of Faculty Performance for [Course Designator]. The survey will be available to students from [Start Date] until [Start Date + 7].

Thank you for your cooperation.

Step 4: Students Complete the Survey

The survey will appear in the Canvas course under review and students will receive a notification asking them to complete the survey. Surveys will be available to students for seven days.

Step 5: Dean Prints Survey Results for Use in the Peer Review Process

District Office Information Technology will send the survey results to the Dean. The Dean will print the results for distribution to the peer review team and the faculty member.

Step 6: Student Review Forms

Original individual student review forms will be returned to the faculty after grades have been submitted.

The district may maintain copies no longer than one semester following the review or until a grievance has been resolved. At the end of this period, District Office Information Technology will purge review results from Canvas and notify deans and the faculty member that the purge has been completed. Deans and the peer review team will purge digital and paper copies of survey results and notify the faculty member of same.

Review of Online Instruction: Workstation Observation

The following is an excerpt from section 8.9 of the Los Rios College Federation of Teachers Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • 8.9.2 For online courses, the "workstation observation" shall include both an opportunity for the assigned team reviewer(s) to meet with the faculty member for a joint overview of the course and separate workstation observations through reviewer log-in to the course.
    • 8.9.2.a The joint overview of the course includes time in which the assigned reviewer(s) will meet with the faculty member under review to observe the online course, including course organization and instructional design, assessment of student work, accuracy and currency of course materials, and how the faculty member maintains regular and substantive/effective faculty initiated contact with students.
    • 8.9.2.b When making arrangements for the separate observations, the reviewer(s) will request of the faculty member under review "Reviewer" role login information and any particular handouts specific to the online course.
    • 8.9.2.c The reviewer(s) and the faculty member being reviewed, shall jointly determine timing of the workstation observations, within the confines of the timelines outlined in Sections 8.6, 8.7, and 8.8. Reviewers will have access to the online course for 7 days for all classes (regular term, 8w1 and 8w2, etc.)
  • 8.9.3 In regard to the student review of faculty performance, the faculty member under review shall notify students when to complete the student reviews, as per pre-review arrangements in Section