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Staff Development Committee (District Office)


  • Provide broad-based input of staff needs and coordinate staff development activities for District employees.
  • Encourage innovation in and longevity of commitment to quality professional development.


The District Staff Development Committee will provide opportunities that enable all District Office (DO), Facilities Management (FM), and Workforce & Economic Development (WED) staff to enhance their professional and personal growth to reinforce the District themes in the Los Rios Strategic Plan.


  • Determine the staff development needs of all DO/FM/WED employees.
  • Provide activities and learning opportunities to meet the identified needs of employees that contribute to their continuous professional growth and that add value and skills in their present positions.
  • Communicate staff development information to all staff and encourage a commitment to life-long learning activities.


Committee Members

Brenda Balsamo, Chair
Human Resources
(916) 568-3103

Valerie Carrigan, Co-Chair
Human Resources, Training
(916) 568-3106

Cindy Velez, LRSA Representative
Information Technology
(916) 568-3173

Jared Barsuglia, SEIU Representative
Facilities Management
(916) 856-3400

LRCEA Voting Members

Terms Ends: June 2023

Pankaj Mathur
Information Technology 
(916) 568-3053

Ilham Ayyoub
Business Services/Fiscal
(916) 568-3024

Dan Cox
Facilities Management 
(916) 568-3419

Debbie Schlesinger
Workforce and Economic Development
(916) 568-3325

Julia Coleman
General Services
(916) 568-3189

Pietra Rainey
LRCEA Representative
(916) 568-3191