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Admissions & Records and Financial Aid Redesign Project

Learn about the redesign process to develop new, districtwide models for Admissions & Records and Financial Aid with the goal of consolidating services across campuses for better student equity and engagement.

Project Description

During 2021-2022, Los Rios contracted with two outside consulting firms to assess our college Financial Aid and Admissions and Records operations: Blue Icon for Financial Aid and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Offices (AACRAO) for Admissions and Records. The focus of this work was to design a new service model that is based in equity that provides quality engagement for all students and, in particular, our disproportionately impacted student populations.


We will regularly post updated information about the redesign on this webpage.

Do you have questions or comments about the redesign project? Reach out to our team via the Redesign Feedback Form.

Project Timelines

The following timelines and project deliverables are subject to change.

As the work of both projects get underway, we will continue to add more detail to this overview and continue to keep all stakeholders engaged, particularly those who are most impacted by this important work.

Final Consultant Reports

Blue Icon and AACRAO have completed their final reports following interviews held with faculty, staff, and students throughout 2021-2022. Los Rios and college executive teams will be using these reports, as well as feedback and input gathered about them, to inform final decisions and next steps.

Engagement Sessions

Redesign Implementation

Launched in fall 2022, the Financial Aid and Admissions & Records (FAAR) Redesign Steering Group provides input on changes being made to implement the Redesign report recommendations. The Steering Group is comprised of college representatives from Admissions & Records and Financial Aid who have a direct role in the operation of department functions and who can advise on legal, regulatory, policy, or process changes being considered. Engagement of broader stakeholders for participatory governance will occur at the monthly meetings of the District Equity and Student Success Committee (DESSC).

Redesign Team

  • Dr. Kellie Butler, Vice President of Student Services (FLC)
  • Jason Ralphs, Director of Admissions and Records (DO)
  • Sonia Ortiz-Mercado, Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Services (DO)
  • Tadael Emiru, Associate Vice President of Student Services (CRC)
  • Yolanda Garcia, Interim Associate Vice President of Student Resources, Financial Aid (DO)
  • Davin Brown, Vice President of Student Services (SCC)
  • Nicole Porter, Vice President of Student Services (ARC)