The new Power BI Dynamic Data tool provides the Los Rios community access to data in a flexible, exploratory, and user-friendly environment.

We encourage you to "slice" the data by student demography, unit load, and so on to create cross-tabulations to help provide information on the Los Rios student journey. With greater data access comes greater data use responsibility; please double check your "slicers" before you interpret the data.

Note: Power BI Data Visualizations are only accessible if you are connected to the Los Rios network and require you sign in using your Los Rios credentials.

Enrollment by Demographic Proportions

Fall End-of-Semester Demographic Proportions

Spring End-of-Semester Demographic Proportions

Summer End-of-Semester Demographic Proportions

Census Data (Most Recent 5 Years)

Fall Census Data

Spring Census Data

End-of-Semester Data (Most Recent 5 Years)

Fall End-of-Semester Data

Spring End-of-Semester Data

Summer End-of-Semester Data

Grade Notations (Most Recent 5 Years)

Grade Notations

Awards Data (Degrees and Certificates)

Awards Data

Promise Grant Funding

Promise Grant Funding

Special Population Profiles

Advanced Education Students

CalWORKs Students

Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) Students

First-Generation Students

Foster Youth Students

Veteran Students

Remote/Online Learning Survey

Remote/Online Learning Student Survey (Spring 2020)

Enrollment by Zip Code

Enrollment by Zip Code

Transfer Data

Transfers to California Public Universities