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Los Rios utilizes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to safeguard information systems and the confidential data stored on those systems.

MFA requires users to complete multiple steps to verify their identity before they can access Los Rios applications or online accounts by creating an extra layer of security that is incredibly difficult for attackers to get past in the event a user's password is compromised or stolen.

This page provides instructions to help users enroll in and configure MFA and provides answers to common questions.

Getting Started

Duo Self-Enrollment

To begin, enroll in Duo, an app that provides easy, one-tap authentication.

Enroll in Duo

Read Setting Up Duo Mobile Version 4 for Los Rios Multi-Factor Authentication.

Test Your Account

Next, test your account with Duo. If you have already tested Duo and have selected the Remember me for 30 days checkbox, then you will need to activate incognito mode on your browser prior to testing your account.

Test Duo

Setup "Remember Me for 30 Days"

Consider enabling the option to have Duo remember your device for 30 days. Selecting the "Remember me for 30 Days" checkbox means you will only be required to go through the Duo MFA process once every 30 days if you use the same device and browser. Only use this feature on devices you own or that have been issued to you by Los Rios. Never use this feature on public or shared devices.

Read Setting Up "Remember Me for 30 Days" in Duo Mobile.

Manage Your Devices and Settings

Users can manage their devices and settings within Duo.

Manage Duo

Read Managing Duo Settings and Devices.

Information Session Recordings



Visit Service Central to search for answers related to MFA or submit a request for assistance.