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Incidents Involving Workplace Misconduct

Call (916) 286-3600 to report non-emergency crimes, workplace harassment, discrimination, bullying, or misconduct. You may leave your name or report anonymously. This is a confidential hotline and messages are reviewed daily. For concerns about employment or questions about hiring, call Human Resources at (916) 568-3112.

Report Unsafe or Hazardous Conditions

If you observe an unsafe or hazardous condition, then call (916) 286-3621 and submit an Employee Safety Information Form GS-35 to your supervisor. You may leave your name or report anonymously by writing anonymous as your name on the safety information form.

Report Incidents Involving Non-Employees

The following information refers to incidents involving non-employees. If you are looking for how to report an injury or illness involving an employee, then go to Workers' Compensation.

Call the Police

If a student, volunteer, or guest is injured or involved in an incident, then please call the Los Rios Police Department (LRPD) at (916) 558-2221. If there is a life-threatening emergency or you cannot reach LRPD, then call 911.

File Form GS-31

Complete a Non-Employee Accident/Incident Report Form GS-31 with the injured party. Submit the form to your supervisor or site administrator.

If the incident occurred during a class or activity for which the participant signed an Agreement to Participate and Waiver/Assumption of Risk Form GS-89, then attach a copy of the signed waiver to the accident form.