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Call the Anonymous Hotline

Call (916) 286-3600 to report safety hazards, non-emergency crimes, workplace harassment, bullying, or misconduct. You can leave your name or report anonymously.

Report Unsafe or Hazardous Conditions

If you observe an unsafe or hazardous condition, then complete an Employee Safety Information Form GS-35 (PDF) and submit the form to your supervisor. If you would prefer to stay anonymous, then you can write anonymous as your name on the safety information form.

Report Incidents Involving Non-Employees

The following information refers to incidents involving non-employees. If you are looking for how to report an injury or illness involving an employee, then go to Workers' Compensation.

Call the Police

If a student, volunteer, or guest is injured or involved in an incident, then please call the Los Rios Police Department (LRPD) at (916) 558-2221. If there is a life-threatening emergency or you cannot reach LRPD, then call 911.

File Form GS-31

Complete a Non-Employee Accident/Incident Report Form GS-31 (PDF) with the injured party. Submit the form to your supervisor or site administrator.

If the incident occurred during a class or activity for which the participant signed an Agreement to Participate and Waiver/Assumption of Risk Form GS-89, then attach a copy of the signed waiver to the accident form.