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The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) was developed to help reduce occupational injuries and illnesses. This program is only successful with the continuous mutual cooperation and support of all employees.

The IIPP was developed and implemented per the California Code of Regulations Title 8, Chapter 4, Subchapter 7, Section 3203. The IIPP covers many items, including:

  • Employee and management responsibilities
  • Employee safety training
  • Reporting unsafe conditions without fear of reprisal
  • Hazard assessment to eliminate unsafe working conditions
  • Hazard corrections
  • Accident investigation
  • Injury reporting
  • Open communication

View the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (PDF). You can also request a copy from your supervisor, Human Resources, or Risk Management.

Sample Safety Inspection Forms

Based on your departmental activities, you may have to modify or combine the following checklists to meet your needs.