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Lead awareness training is an annual, online training required for all staff who may be exposed to lead during the course of employment. Lead can be found in solder, pipes, gaskets on boilers, metal, sheathing on electric cables, X-ray shielding apparatus such as dentist aprons, metal used in printing, ceramic glazes, paints, and keys, to name a few.


Supervisor Instructions

Supervisors should follow these instructions to get their employees access to training:

  1. Determine who needs to complete the training.
  2. Make a list in Excel with the employee’s ID number (no W but with the preceding zeros), last name, and first name – each item in its own column.
  3. Email the Excel file to Debbie Turner at
  4. Debbie Turner will provide usernames and passwords for the online training.

Employee Instructions

  1. Ask your supervisor for your username and password.
  2. Go to to log into the system and begin training.
  3. Though the training takes two hours total, employees can take this training in smaller time increments (for example, 30 minutes at a time). The system allows for logging in and out for up to two weeks.
  4. The training is attached to an incentive program with a chance to win a prize. The better your score is, the more chances you have to earn spins on the prize wheel. There is a max of 5 spins.
  5. Training results will be given to Human Resources.
  6. Training is good for one year.