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As a Los Rios online faculty member, you have an opportunity to become a paid Peer Online Course Reviewer (POCR) for online courses that are submitted through FastTrack (See Step 4, Option A). This is a great opportunity to earn a little extra cash and to put your expertise in online teaching to work. As a POCR, you will be using the OEI Rubric as the foundation for your review.


  • Completion of some form of formal training in how to teach online.
  • Completion of the Peer Online Course Reviewer Training (POCR) through Online Network of Educators (@ONE). In this four-week long online course you will dive into a critical application of the OEI Course Design Rubric. You'll use the rubric to evaluate an online course and discuss each of the four rubric sections with a cohort of colleagues. You can also apply to become an official OEI Peer Online Course Reviewer for @ONE after successful completion of this training. Please contact your college’s Online Course Design Coordinator for more information and a list of upcoming start dates for the @ONE course.

Additional Information

  • POCRs receive a flat rate of $300 (based on 6 hours at $50 per hour) per completed review.
  • POCRs are mentored through the first review and receive guidance through subsequent reviews as needed.
  • POCRs are not assigned reviews from instructors in their department or discipline.
  • POCRs can be assigned to review an online course from any of the four colleges within LRCCD.
  • The peer review process demands complete confidentiality and any aspect of peer reviews that are performed will only be shared with the FastTrack team members
  • Adjunct online instructors are encouraged to participate.