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FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy

In the FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy, you will learn techniques for crafting your online courses to align completely with the OEI Course Design Rubric.

As the following chart shows us, this will greatly help with your students' success in your courses!

Source: OEI Enrollment, Demographics, and Outcomes Summary: the RP group

Academy Overview

In FastTrack you are provided with personalized support and resources designed to help you align your online courses to the OEI Course Design Rubric. You set the pace; move as slowly or quickly as you like through the process.

The Rubric consists of the following four sections:

  • Section A: Course Content
  • Section B: Interaction
  • Section C: Assessment
  • Section D: Accessibility
  • Section E: Equity
    The Los Rios Colleges value diversity and have included a Section E: Equity module in the Academy for you to reference when aligning your courses. You will find that when the criteria contained in this Section are adhered to, it makes online course experiences more equitable for all students. Your mission is to align to each of the criteria contained in these sections. Sometimes you will find that you are aligned to many of them already! Remember, you are not alone in the process. We are here to assist you every step of the way!

The FastTrack Process: Step by Step

Step 1: Getting Started

  • Register for FastTrack
    Complete the FastTrack registration form. This signals you are ready to begin the process of aligning your course to the OEI Course Design Rubric. We then create a course named “MasterShell_College_CourseName_YourLastName.” The URL you noted when registering is the course we will copy into your new shell and the Ally accessibility tool will be activated. You and your Mentor will be added to the course as “Teachers” so that you can easily work as a team on the alignment process. This new course will be where you make all of the essential updates to align it with the CVC-OEI Rubric.
  • Access the FastTrack resources
    At this time, you will be enrolled in the FastTrack Canvas Course to access the rich resources there.
  • Meet with your mentor
    After registering, you will be contacted by your assigned Mentor to discuss a plan of action.
  • Select your review option
    During the consultation with your mentor, you will select one of two review options available to you when you get to Step 4. The two options are:
    • Option A - your course is submitted by your mentor to a peer reviewer who remains anonymous to you.
    • Option B - you will be assigned to a faculty cohort of three to participate in a cohort review process. With this process, all of the faculty members will have the opportunity to go through the @ONE Local Peer Online Course Review training. After successfully completing the training, each member of the cohort will review the other two cohort member's courses.

Step 2: Using the FastTrack Canvas Resource Course

  • In FastTrack, each informational Module is based on one of the OEI Rubric Sections. Each criterion of the rubric is addressed in those sections with an explanation, examples, and suggestions on how you might update your course to align with that criterion. You may find that you are aligned to many of the criteria already!
  • Use FastTrack resources to modify your course to align to the OEI Rubric
    As you proceed through these rich resources, you will start making changes to your course right away in your MasterShell. You will perform all updates to your course within this shell which, in the end, will represent a quality online course that aligns perfectly with the OEI Course Design Rubric.
  • Work with your support team as needed
    Your Mentor will not be your only support. You can also share your experiences, ask questions, and offer advice to other FastTrackers in the FastTrack Exchange discussion within Canvas. It will always be open and we encourage you to use it to collaborate with your colleagues! In the meantime, your FastTrack Mentor will be checking in with you.

Step 3: Self-Review

  • Complete a self-review
    Your next task will be to conduct a complete self-review of your course using the Rubric pages provided for you. One way to tackle this is to go through all of the OEI Rubric sections and criteria first, continuing to make any necessary changes in your course as your proceed, and then conducting your self-assessment. Alternately, you might proceed one Rubric criterion at a time. Similarly, you might focus on one Module at a time, or you may prefer to make sweeping changes throughout. You will determine the workflow that best suits your process and your course content, and any or all processes will lead to the self-review.
  • Continue to work with your support team
    As you proceed through the FastTrack course, updating your course, and completing your self-review, we will be here for you with regular check-ins, to answer questions, and to provide any support you may need.
  • After submitting all of the four sections of your self-review, you and members of your FastTrack Support Team will have a brief consultation to determine if you are ready for either a local peer review with one of our OEI trained Local Peer Online Course Reviewers (Local POCRs) or, if you have chosen Option B in Step 4, your Faculty Cohort Reviews.
  • Make modifications as needed
    Depending on the results of the initial consultation, you may want to cycle back and make additional updates to your course, in which case we would have a follow-up consultation before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Local POCR Review OR Faculty Cohort Reviews

  • Option A: Submit course to Peer Online Course Reviewer (POCR)
    If you chose to go with an individual POCR Review, a confidential peer review of Section A-C of the Rubric by one of our trained Local POCRs will take place when you are ready. During this time, you will not have access to the course shell to make any additional changes. Learn more about becoming a paid FastTrack POCR.
  • Option B: Join a faculty cohort of three
    If you chose to be part of a Faculty Cohort, this will be the time for you and your cohort members to review each other's courses.
    With either choice, the FastTrack Online Course Designer and expert in accessibility will review your course for Section D: Accessibility.
  • Initial review performed by your mentor
    When the POCR Review or Cohort Reviews are complete, your FastTrack Mentor will also complete a review of your course, referencing the comments of the Local POCR or, in the case of a Cohort Review, the comments of your cohort reviewers.

Step 5: Planning Meeting

  • Meet with your support team
    Your FastTrack Mentor will then contact you to arrange a meeting, during which an action plan for any further course remediation will be developed and proposed. This meeting will include you, your FastTrack Mentor, and the FastTrack Online Course Designer; forming a team of individuals who will work with you to enact the action plan.
  • Plan your course alignment as needed
    Following the mutually agreed upon plan, you and your FastTrack team will work collaboratively to address any remaining issues identified during the review process--refining and adding finishing touches before the final internal review.

Step 6: Final Local Review

  • Forward your course to your mentor for a final local review
    Once the team has completed its work, one final review will be done by your FastTrack Mentor to confirm that the course is ready to be sent forward to the OEI.
  • Confer with your mentor
    There may be one final conference before your course is sent to the OEI for the final Lead Review.

Step 7: OEI Review and Stipend

  • Your course is submitted to the OEI for a final review
    The FastTrack team will submit your course to the OEI for a final Lead and Accessibility review. At this time, you will submit your application to receive your stipend.


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