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Download the Accessibility Checklist (PDF)


  • Styles are nested in sequential order
  • Use header tags for all Canvas pages
  • Apply to all attached, embedded and required documents


  • Use numbers with ordered lists to create a sequence of steps
  • Unordered lists creates a list of bulleted items


  • Link text is unique, meaningful, and in context
  • Do not use URL or ‘click here’
  • Underlines are for hyperlinks only


  • Properly tagged rows and columns
  • Only tabular data is enclosed with the table
  • Include caption and summary where appropriate


  • Create a high contrast in color between text and background
  • Contrast ratio of 4.5 : 1


  • Color alone is not being used to convey meaning
  • Color must follow contrast guidelines


  • Alt tags for all images
  • Description of the image should be one to two sentences
  • If the image has text, the alt tag must includes any text readable in image
  • Does not include the terms “image of” or “picture of”
  • Does not include file extension
  • Images not related to page content or do not serve an instructional purpose are designated as decorative

Reading Order

  • Reading order and tab sequence should follow content sequence or flow
  • Linear in structure
  • “Bottom Up" reading order in the PowerPoint Selection Pane

Presentations Materials

  • All presentations slides, spreadsheets, documents and PDFs need to pass all conditions of the built-in accessibility checkers
  • Includes all Microsoft, Google and publisher content


  • Proper captions (not auto-generated)
  • Do not set to “auto play”
  • Have video player controls available


  • All audio files must have transcripts

No Flashing Content