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These resources have been curated to help Los Rios instructors create quality online courses.

Quality Reviewed Course Examples

Instructors share their quality reviewed courses so you can see how they have built them to align with the CVC-OEI Rubric.

Quality Reviewed Course Examples

College Canvas Templates

When logged into Canvas, use these direct links to access the college templates in Canvas Commons.

College Canvas Templates

Online Teaching Training

Online Teaching Training and @ONE Online Network of Educators.

Online Teaching Training

FastTrack FAQ

Is the FastTrack Academy a course?

The short answer is no, it's not a course. The FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy is LRCCD's Local Peer Online Course Review (POCR) Process which was designed to coordinate and support district-wide efforts to ensure quality online courses by aligning them to the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric. In the Academy, you will work collaboratively with a support team throughout this process which includes a faculty mentor and an online course designer. Additionally, you will be enrolled in the FastTrack Canvas Course to access a plethora of resources specifically designed to assist you as you work on aligning your course. There are no required workshops or due dates.

How long will FastTrack take?

It depends on your schedule, how quickly you work, and the state of your course. One instructor aligned her course in about eight weeks while another spent two semesters doing the work. When you meet with your mentor, you can discuss a timeline and what works best for you.

Is there a time limit for FastTrack?

There is not a time limit per se. You can take as much time as you need. However, the District has committed resources to the Los Rios FastTrack Academy for a three-year period starting in Fall 2019. While funding may continue after Spring 2022, we encourage instructors to take advantage of these resources within this three-year time frame.

What type of training should I have before joining FastTrack?

Online teaching training is strongly advised. Learn more on our Online Teaching Training page.

Will the CVC-OEI @ONE's Peer Online Course Review (POCR) training prepare me for FastTrack?

The Peer Online Course Review (POCR) training is designed for those who would like to become local peer reviewers and generally is not very helpful for aligning your courses. It is not recommended as a substitute for online teaching training. However, if you choose Review Option B in the FastTrack Academy, then you must go through the @ONE Local Peer Online Course Review training. After successfully completing the training, each member of your cohort of three will review the other two cohort members' courses.

Do I have to have my class aligned to teach online?

No, but we highly recommend it because an aligned course is so much easier to teach.

When I am working on aligning my course, do I need a rubric for every gradable item?

Rubrics are needed for discussions and assignments. They are not needed for quizzes, but detailed instructions about the quiz are important.

What resources are available to me in FastTrack?

Once you register for FastTrack you will be enrolled in the Los Rios Colleges Online FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy. There you will find an incredible library of resources and examples to help you align your courses.

What kind of support is available in FastTrack?

You will have the full one-on-one support of your assigned mentor along with our accessibility expert and lead reviewer.

Who will help me with accessibility?

The entire team is devoted to helping you with making your course content accessible.

What if I have new content? Can I make changes to my course after it is approved?

You can make any changes to your subject matter content any time you like. It is best to make sure that the content presentation, the interaction, and the format for assessments remain the same.

What if I have new content? Can I make changes to my course after it is approved?

You can make any changes to your subject matter content any time you like. It is best to make sure that the content presentation, the interaction, and the format for assessments remain the same.

What is the process once the course is ready to be reviewed?

There are two formal reviews that take place during alignment. The first is through a Peer Online Course Reviewer (POCR) and then your mentor creates the final review before submitting your course to the OEI. The second allows you to join a cohort of three colleagues where you will be trained in using the Rubric and then review each other's courses.

Who "owns" my class?

You do. Your class is yours and yours alone.

Will aligning my course to the CVC-OEI Rubric violate my academic freedom?

Never. Aligning your course to the CVC-OEI Rubric only insures that your students have a better online learning experience with your own course content.

If a colleague lets me copy their class which has already been quality reviewed, can it be submitted for review as my course?

While we encourage sharing of course content or even a discipline-specific template, there are aspects of your course which are unique to you as an instructor.Section B: Interaction of the Rubric is one example. If you copy your colleague's course, you will still need to make some adaptations and this "new" course will still go through the review process as noted in the Step-by-Step FastTrack process.

Can I submit a hybrid or partially online course?

No. Your course has to be taught 100% online. 100% online is now defined as a course that can be completed fully online without any in-person requirements such as in-person exams. We can help you, though, with online proctoring.

Is the FastTrack Academy a course?

It is not a course, but a wonderful repository of resources designed in a course model that will help you align your courses to the CVC-OEI Rubric.

Do I have to use the FastTrack course?

No, but then you would be depriving yourself of some key resources and examples to help you align your courses.

Do I have to go through FastTrack to submit my course to the CVC-OEI?

Yes. This is what is known as the Local POCR process for Los Rios and you will need to work with us to submit your courses.

What am I committing to when I register for FastTrack?

Along with your mentor's assistance, you are committing to aligning your course to the CVC-OEI Rubric as you go through the process to receive the Quality Reviewed status from the CVC-OEI. After your course is approved, of course you can always make additional modifications, add resources and activities, etc. and you are committing to maintaining alignment to the Rubric.

Can I include course activities (e.g., discussion forums) that I do not plan on using in the course when I teach it?

You can as long as your course meets the design criteria without those activities, though if you are not going to use them, it would be simpler not to include them. It is not appropriate to include activities only for the purpose of aligning the course. Your participation includes a commitment to maintain alignment to the Rubric.

Are there ways to facilitate student dialogue other than discussion boards?

We have found discussion boards to be a great way to facilitate student dialog, but there are other activities that can help with this. Students can contribute to pages, use Flipgrid to communicate by video, and you can create group activities.

Are small group discussions okay or is it required to have "full class" discussions in the online course?

You want to give your students an opportunity to feel like they have a team behind them in the class and that they are not isolated. Small group discussions that actually involve more than just two students are OK. Sometimes creating groups is even better with extremely large classes that have many students.

What if I use publisher-graded materials? Do I need to have a rubric for those?

A rubric is not required for these materials, but make sure your students have the information needed to work successfully with the content.