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Los Rios is pleased to announce that instructional faculty will continue to have the opportunity to expand their expertise in online teaching by completing Foundations 2.0. In this program, faculty can choose from two compensation options: earning units for class salary advancement or accruing college service hours. It's your choice!

Building upon Foundations 1.0, Foundations 2.0 courses will help you further develop your online courses by developing a comprehensive plan for an online or hybrid course that demonstrates the following outcomes:

  • Culturally responsive, equitable, and inclusive engagement, design, and pedagogy
  • Best practices in formative and summative online assessments
  • Universal design for learning principles and accessibility
  • Strategies for regular and substantive interaction and contact with and among students
  • Effective course design to support students through their entire learning experience


Faculty who complete an approved Foundations course are eligible for units towards salary advancement or college service hours as shown below. Note: Faculty at Class IV and Class V of the salary schedule do not qualify for class salary advancement.
Compensation Option for 40-Hour Training Full-Time Faculty Part-Time Faculty
Class Salary Advancement Units*
College Service Hours
Not Eligible

* Faculty may earn up to six (6.0) units of class salary advancement per semester.

Prequalification for the class salary advancement is not required, as the district has pre-approved the Foundations 2.0 courses. Class salary advancement is applied only once per year. Individuals who complete before August 12 will advance in the salary schedule in the Fall if they've earned enough units.

Faculty members who successfully complete a Foundations 2.0 course at ARC, CRC, FLC, or SCC can relax – there's no need for you to initiate the salary advancement process yourself. The colleges will take care of it by providing a list of completions to the district office for processing each August.

However, for those who opt for an approved @ONE course, there's a slight difference. You will need to email your certificate of completion to San Li at by August 12 to ensure that the units are applied to the Fall semester.

For faculty who select college service credit as your compensation option, please consult with your Department Dean for guidance on how to record your hours.

Important exception: Class Salary Advancement and College Service Credit is only available to faculty who are taking the course(s) for the first time unless the training was completed under a former management system, such as D2L.

Training Options for Foundations 2.0

Faculty from any of our colleges have the flexibility to enroll in any of the following training options. To maximize the benefits of Foundations 2.0 courses, we highly recommend completing the 15-hour Foundations 1.0 or comparable training as a prerequisite.

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