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Improving Outcomes for African American and Latinx Students

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The Time for Measurable Change is Now

The time is now to improve outcomes for our African American and Latinx students. Combined, these students make up at least 37.4% of our student population, yet are less likely to complete a degree than others at our colleges.

The entire Los Rios organization – including our Board of Trustees, Chancellor and College Presidents, and faculty and classified leadership – is committed to making real and measurable change on behalf of our students.


Though the equity work and the conversation about closing historic opportunity gaps is not new, the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others have ignited a renewed urgency to accelerate this work.

The following is a timeline of some of the recent Los Rios activities in support of this effort.










Past Events

College Data Dashboards

Note: To view some of these dashboards, you must access the dashboard via the Los Rios internal network – whether by a direct connection on a work station or via VPN and remote desktop. You must also sign in with your Los Rios ID and password.

Background and Framework Resources

Board Leadership (available at Critical Higher Education Governance Collaborative: Publications)
Dr. Raquel Rall

Nine Themes in Racial Campus Climates
Dr. Shaun Harper and Dr. Sylvia Hurtado

Creating a Culture of Inquiry Around Equity and Student Success
Dr. Keith Witham and Dr. Estela Bensimon

Equity redirects resources to the pathways with the greatest need to fix barriers and intentionally provide support. This includes the following steps: 1) inquiry to understand how practices impede equity; 2) Faculty and staff training to be equity facilitators; 3) Goal setting and action planning; 4) Regular data disaggregation and analysis.

Image provided by Dr. Estela Bensimon, Center for Urban Education.