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Mobile-Ready Workforce

Desktop Replacement

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed several parameters of our PC renewal plans, and we are providing a heads-up on what to expect in 2021 and 2022.

During remote operations, most employees were provided a laptop and their office computers were employed as virtual private network (VPN) hosts. In addition, our usual replacement cycle was put on hold as we navigated a dramatically different work environment.

As we assemble our offices back on campus over the next few semesters, we intend to build a new level of mobility and agility into our workforce (given the availability of COVID relief funds with which to do so). We expect to replace most employee desktop computers with mobile devices (laptops) to ensure that the same computing capabilities are provided to meet the needs and responsibilities of the position, while allowing us to be agile in case the pandemic parameters shift yet again.

To that end, as we replace your computer system, it will most likely come in the form of a new HP Windows laptop with a docking station and external monitor. We are working with our colleagues across the Los Rios to standardize these devices, so that we can gain efficiencies of operations and economies of scale. While the machines assigned will be designed to meet your work requirements, there will be options for exceptions on a case-by-case basis. In the coming weeks and months, you will receive information about your replacement system as our IT department colleagues engage with you to migrate to the new laptop.

Through these changes to our existing PC Renewal Plan we expect to achieve the following:

  • Enable a mobile-ready workforce (easily able to transition between remote and on-site work and maintain business continuity as conditions change)
  • Facilitate "dock-ready" campuses via standardized computers and docking stations
    • Common docking stations allow employees to "dock" in multiple locations as necessary across the district
  • Increase device compatibility with campus equipment and technologies
    • Leverage the collective expertise of our IT professionals across the district
  • Reduce technical complexity, costs, and maintenance activities ("variance costs money")
  • Leverage district-wide buying power to achieve cost savings
    • Reduce the cost of maintenance and support with a homogenous population of devices

We will update you with more information as these plans are confirmed and rolled out. We remain committed to your successful use of technology to achieve your work goals and are dedicated to supporting the success of our students in person, online, and during remote operations.

If you have any questions, then contact your college IT team.


Who will get a laptop?

All permanent staff, faculty, and managers whose primary office computer is a desktop or whose laptop is older than two years old will receive a new laptop, docking station (allowing for multiple monitors), and one monitor. Staff will use their existing keyboard and mouse.

What if I have an existing ADA or medical accommodation?

Please leverage your existing processes for determining whether the desktop replacement is an appropriate option for you.

Are laptop bags or locks available?

Yes, laptop cases/bags and locks may be provided if requested and depending on inventory. Contact your college IT team for supplies.

Can I choose what device I want?

We will use assignment guidelines to determine the laptop model that staff will receive. Exceptions to the guidelines will follow current college process, with justification and approval from the dean and the vice president or president.

What if I don’t want a laptop?

Exceptions to this replacement effort should following existing approval processes and include approval of the dean(s) and a vice president.

When will I get my laptop?

Rollout schedules for desktop replacements and laptop refreshes will be determined by each college.

Can I have a desktop and a laptop?

No, this mobile-ready solution means employees should only have a single laptop issued to them to use at work and at home if there is a need. Staff will not be issued a desktop and laptop. Each employee will be issued one device.

My desktop is only a year old – can I replace it with a laptop?

Yes, based on availability. Contact your college IT team to request a laptop.

What if I find a laptop screen is too small to work for me?

Each laptop will come with a monitor and a docking station, so employees don't have to rely solely on the laptop screen.

Will my dock and monitor be at work or at my home?

You can decide whether to have your dock and monitor at home or at your office.

Can I keep my desktop computer and get a laptop for home?

This mobile-ready solution means employees should only have a single laptop issued to them to use at work and at home if there is a need. Staff will not be issued a desktop and laptop. Each employee will be issued one device. Extra docks are not provided.  

Can I have a second dock and monitor for work (or home)?

No, each employee will be issued one device, one monitor, and one dock.

How will I access my shared drives once my desktop is gone?

Global Protect (VPN) will allow users to access campus network resources (such as the "A drive") on their laptop while off campus, eliminating the need to use remote desktop protocol (RDP) to connect to a work computer.

Can I print from my laptop?

All resources (printers and drive shares) currently accessible from user's desktop will be accessible when laptop is docked in their office, as the dock is hardwired to the college's network in the same way desktops are.