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The following are answers to frequently asked questions regarding teaching during the summer term.


Do assignments during the summer term count as part of a full-time faculty’s load?

Classes taught by full-time faculty during the Summer term do not count towards meeting their annual load. Load requirements (15 units per semester) must still be met during the fall and spring semesters.

Can summer term assignments be used for load balancing?

In general, summer term assignments are not to be used for load balancing for full-time faculty. However, in isolated cases where programmatic changes or enrollment declines have resulted in a full-time faculty member being unable to meet their semester or annual load requirements, summer term assignments may be used for load balancing. Discussions between district managers and LRCFT are required prior to any summer term assignment counting towards load requirements.

Can summer term assignments be banked for Type C leave?

Full-time faculty teaching during the summer term can bank that FTE toward a Type C leave.

Are the adjunct faculty teaching load limits for the spring and fall semesters affected by teaching in the summer?

Teaching during the summer does not affect load limitations for adjunct faculty. In accordance with an LRCFT MOU (#23 dated May 12, 2005), adjunct faculty “shall be permitted to have a load limit not to exceed .600 per semester and 1.150 annually.” Normally, the maximum teaching load for the Summer term is .600 for all faculty members.

Does current contract language pertaining to adjunct preference and to “bumping” apply to summer scheduling?

Yes, contract language pertaining to adjunct preference and to “bumping” does apply to Summer term scheduling based on the previous fall’s preference list.

Can faculty file grievances during the summer term?

Yes, grievances can be filed for alleged contract violations during the summer term. It is important to note, however, that such grievances will not proceed past the District level – all summer term grievances are “in-district” only.

Has the salary schedule for the summer term changed?

No, summer term service will continue to be paid from the interim salary schedule in place when the summer term begins. Summer service will not be included in the retro.