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Contribution for Medical Insurance

Effective July 1, 2021, contributions of up to $334 per month shall be made toward the premium cost of medical insurance for only the retiree who meets the eligibility criteria of their bargaining agreement. Spouses of retirees are not eligible for a district contribution but may be covered under the retiree's plan.

The district contribution may be applied to a district-sponsored medical plan or a medical plan outside of the district. If a retiree is incurring a cost for medical insurance that is less than $334 per month, then the district will also consider the retiree's cost for Medicare Parts A, B, and D in computing the appropriate district contribution. However, the district contribution cannot exceed the retiree's actual cost for medical insurance (including Medicare Parts A, B and D).

If the retiree elects coverage other than a district plan, then the retiree will receive an annual request to provide the district with verification of insurance cost. This must be provided for the district to continue the contribution. This includes verification of Medicare premiums and supplemental insurance. If proof is not received by the deadline date, then the district contribution will be stopped. Once proof is received the district contribution will be reactivated prospectively.

All monetary transactions relating to retiree healthcare benefits and the district contribution will be made via electronic transfer, utilizing the retiree's selected financial institution.

No Contribution for Dental Insurance

There is no contribution toward the cost of dental insurance for retirees.