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Los Rios Ethnic Studies Faculty Council

The District Academic Senate (DAS) approved the formation of the Los Rios Ethnic Studies Faculty Council on December 15, 2020. The council has been tasked by DAS with creating proposals for the future of ethnic studies programs, degrees, and courses in the district, including recommending courses for CSU Area F approval. Additionally, the council will function as the consultative body for ethnic studies discipline input on equivalency decisions for faculty hiring.

Agendas, Minutes, and Supporting Documents


Current Council Membership


  • Dr. Ricardo Caton – History
  • Dr. Mark Carnero – Ethnic Studies and Sociology
  • Dr. Walter Kawamoto – Ethnic Studies and Sociology – Adjunct Representative


  • Nyenbeku George – Sociology
  • Alex Peshkoff – History
  • Dr. Winnie Hung – Ethnic Studies


  • Dr. Tamara Cheshire – Ethnic Studies and Anthropology; Chair, Ethnic Studies Department; Council Co-Chair
  • Dr. Victoire Chochezi – Communication Studies/Equity Coordinator


  • Keith Heningburg – History and Ethnic Studies; Chair, Ethnic Studies Department; Council Co-Chair
  • Dr. Surangi Frazier – History
  • Dr. Robert Unzueta – Ethnic Studies
  • Dr. Malika Hollinside – Ethnic Studies; Adjunct Representative

Curriculum Representatives

  • Juana Esty – Articulation Officer/Counselor, CRC


  • Co-Chair: Tamara Cheshire, Folsom Lake College
  • Co-Chair: Keith Heningburg, Sacramento City College