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The following are a series of comprehensive studies on distance education conducted from 2004 to 2013.

Distance Education Student Satisfaction Survey (2013)

The distance education student satisfaction survey was conducted in Fall 2013 in collaboration with the Education Technology Committee. The survey collected feedback from students who took a distance education course or courses in Fall 2013 about distance education learning experiences at their college.

Distance Education Study (2011)

This report provides a comparison of enrollments and course success measures of students enrolled in online classes with those enrolled in face-to-face classes in three subject areas.

Distance Education Study: Exclusively Online Students (2009)

The following report provides enrollment growth data for online course offerings across the district and at each college along with a student demographic profile and outcome data. The second half of the report presents findings from a survey of Los Rios students taking courses exclusively online, which is outlined further below.

The following are results of a survey conducted in Spring 2009 of Los Rios students who took all of their courses exclusively online in Fall 2008.

Frequency Distribution Reports

Frequency distribution reports provide the percent of respondents who selected each option within each question of the survey.

Distance Education Planning Surveys (2005)

The following are results of two surveys conducted in December 2004 – one for students and one for employees.

The surveys were designed to test ideas developed in the Distance Education Strategic Options Report, which is a discussion document written by the Districtwide Education Technology Committee (ETC). It addressed the rapid growth in distance education offerings and suggested ideas for consideration as the district began to write a strategic plan for distance education.