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About the Strategic Plan

Los Rios Community College District has developed a five-year strategic plan that focuses on increasing student access and success through enhanced teaching and learning opportunities. The strategic plan focuses on five goal areas, and within each goal there are indicators of achievement.

The Office of Institutional Research has developed a matrix for indicators of achievement, which provides strategic outcome goals, baseline data, and outcomes for each indicator.

Read the Strategic Plan Indicators 2021 Executive Summary.

Power BI: Strategic Plan Indicators of Achievement

Goal 1: Establish effective pathways that optimize student access and success.

Goal 2: Ensure equitable academic achievement across all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender groups.

Goal 3: Provide exemplary teaching and learning opportunities.

Goal 4: Lead the region in workforce development.

The Office of Institutional Research does not provide measurements for this goal. Indicators of Achievement will be provided by Workforce Development.

Goal 5: Foster an outstanding working and learning environment.