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Native American Collaborative (NAC)

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NAC: Employee Resource Group

NAC is made up of Native Americans from diverse tribes who are employed within the Los Rios Community College District. NAC also is part of a larger regional collaborative – the Sacramento Native American Higher Education Collaborative (SNAHEC).


Through NAC and in partnership with SNAHEC, our aim is to guide Native student pathways from K-12 to transfer. NAC has co-sponsored and organized many events and activities for Native American students, including:

  • Native American Student Graduation Recognition Ceremony, which honors Los Rios graduates of Native American descent
  • Native Student Welcome and Indigenous People's Days, which celebrate diverse tribal traditions and cultures and inform campus communities about contemporary and historic Indigenous issues
  • Indigenous Land Acknowledgement Statements, which have been created at each college

Our goals are to:

  • Advocate for and obtain resources, programs, and services to support the diverse needs of Native American/Indigenous students in completing their higher education
  • Nurture and support community, leadership, presence, visibility, and voices of Native American employees by creating safe spaces to hire, recruit, engage, retain, and promote said employees in tenured, supervisory, management, and executive positions in the district
  • Promote cultural humility and ensure equitable policies and practices for disproportionately impacted groups by working in solidarity and collaborating with diverse communities and local tribes
  • Co-sponsor events that showcase, share, and celebrate our unique Native American tribal cultures to expand awareness of various Indigenous issues in a higher education environment
  • Partner with Native organizations and tribes in supporting student success



American River College
Jesus Valle
(916) 484-8253

Cosumnes River College
Dr. Crystal Martinez-Alire
(916) 691-7045


Folsom Lake College
Dr. Tamara Cheshire
(916) 420-3614

Sacramento City College
Dr. Molly Springer
(916) 558-2194