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Los Rios has partnered with Keenan SafeColleges to offer compliance training through an easy-to-use online portal. All of the required compliance trainings for new employees (except the Title IX Not Anymore training) are offered through this training portal.

Keenan Training Portal

How to Access Online Training

Screenshot of Keenan SafeColleges login box

To access the online training courses, log in to the training site with your seven-digit Los Rios employee ID number. Please include all leading zeroes and do not include the W.

The Human Resources Department will be automatically notified when you complete a training course online – there is no need to print a certificate.

How to Register (Students and Volunteers)

If you are a volunteer without a Los Rios ID or a student, then you will need to self-register. To register:

  • Go to Keenan SafeColleges Login Page
  • Click Register
  • Enter registration key: 955bf47c
  • Click Continue
  • Enter your username:
    • Students: Use your 7-digit student ID number (include the leading zeroes, but not the 'W')
    • Volunteers: Create a username by entering your email address.
  • Click Register

There is no password needed to login.

Required Trainings

New employees have 30 days from their hire date to complete the following training courses:

  1. Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace
  2. New Hire Orientation
  3. Sexual Harassment: Policy and Prevention*
  4. Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention
  5. Workplace Violence

* Required to be re-taken every two years. Employees can also satisfy this training requirement by taking an on-campus sexual harassment policy and prevention training.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Staff who have occupational exposure with blood or other potentially infectious materials must also complete the Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention course. This course must be re-taken yearly. Human Resources will notify you if you need to take this training.

Recommended Trainings

We recommend that employees complete the following optional online training courses:

  • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
  • Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect

Additional Optional Trainings

Additional safety and compliance trainings are available through Keenan SafeColleges in topics such as:

  • Emergency Management
  • Employment Practices/Supervisory
  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Nutrition Services
  • Policy
  • Security
  • Social and Behavioral
  • Transportation