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Printing and Receiving

Printing Services

Black and White Copy/Print Jobs

Please allow two business days for completion of routine copy requests (submitted by district office departments). Color copy jobs require a manager or supervisor signature.

Color Copy/Print Jobs

Color copy/print jobs require more time to complete. Bring us your project ideas early in the planning stage so we can give you an estimate for completion. If you have a need for same-day copying, then please call or email us to ask about the printing schedule. Our friendly staff will assist you in any way we can!

When you submit a printing request, please indicate a specific date you would like your job completed. Indicating ASAP does not give a true indication of when you expect to have your finished product.

Mail Services

US Mail

The district office receives a tremendous amount of mail. Outgoing mail alone numbered over 150,000 pieces in 2018. USPS mail is picked up from the Post Office every morning. District office mail is sorted and delivered to individual offices twice a day – around 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Arrangements have been made with the Post Office to have US mail picked up at 2:00 pm.

Please do not use paper clips, binder clips and staples inside small envelopes due -to possible postage meter damage or postage machine jams. Due to the amount of U.S. mail, the time, we need to sort inter-campus mail and postage outgoing U.S. mail, we ask you to please seal all out going U.S. mail brown kraft envelopes. Please use staples only when absolutely necessary.

Reminder: place all personal outgoing mail in the box marked "stamped mail" just inside the door of the mail room.

Inter-Campus Mail

When addressing inter campus-mail, please include the campus and employee name.

District Courier Schedule

Courier Pick Up Times For Delivery To: Location Time ARC - SCOE - Ethan Way 8:30 AM SCC - CRC - FM – SCOE 10:45 AM FM 3:00 PM

Overnight Mail

Please email Printing Services or call ext. 3040 with items regarding over night mail (UPS, Federal Express, Express Mail, etc.). Have your item ready by 3:00 p.m. for guaranteed same day handling.

Bulk Mailings

If you have a mailing of 1,000 pieces or more, please notify the mail room 24 hours in advance. This will allow time to assure there is ample postage credit in the meter to handle the entire mailing.

Receiving Services

Our receiving area handles upwards of 2,000 packages a year! Each delivery involves checking for delivery location, damaged items, and matching packing slips with items received. Before delivery, each package is identified with a purchase order number, requestor and fixed asset tags (if required). All this happens before you even know it is here! Normally, all items are usually delivered to the requestor within one day of receipt.

For liability reasons as well as efficiency in the receiving area, we are unable to accept personal deliveries. Please provide mail order companies with your home address.

Other Services


Supply items which are stocked in the Printing Services area are self-service. For your convenience labels have been affixed to the cabinets and drawers where the supplies are stored.

Records Storage

Documents that need to be kept for a specific period of time or never to be destroyed are stored at Facilities Management. Records/archive boxes are picked-up from Printing Services every Wednesday and delivered to Facilities Management. For records/archive box retrieval, please email Printing Services.

Surplus Equipment

Items that are broken, non-repairable, or no longer used are declared as surplus by the district and disposed of according to the Education Code. If you have an item that needs to be declared surplus, obtain a Declaration of Surplus Equipment form from Printing Services. Complete the form and have it approved by a department manager. Send the completed form to General Services, and they will schedule a pick up for the surplus item after the board has approved. Please do not bring surplus items to Printing Services without scheduling a pick up from General Services.


Phone: (916) 568-3040
Fax: (916) 286-3168

Rafael Avelar
Printing Technician

Jason Cunningham
Printing Services Operator III


8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


We are located inside Mail & Receiving, Printing Services at the district office:

1919 Spanos Court
Sacramento, CA 95825