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Classified Leadership Academy


The Classified Leadership Academy (CLA) is a dynamic training and professional development program for permanent, classified employees. The purpose of CLA is to grow and uplift classified employees to become leaders in the Los Rios Community College District. Participants gain essential core knowledge for leadership, practical tools for improving performance in the workplace, and a strong and supportive network.

Participants commit to a nine month workshop program. Using a cohort-based approach, participants will attend regularly scheduled sessions centered on leadership, communication, problem solving, collaboration, and how to become a leader. Presenters include practitioners from across the district, some of which may have been previous CLA participants themselves.

Attendees are expected to commit to being present at and active in every session in order to receive the Classified Leadership Academy Diploma. This program is recognized across the district and supported by leaders at all campuses and outreach centers.

How to Apply

Complete the application between July 1, 2023 and August 31, 2023. Every attempt will be made to include all applicants.

Apply to Classified Leadership Academy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Supporting Your Leadership Development

Los Rios Community College District is committed to providing you with leadership development opportunities. We encourage all employees to acquire new resources, tools, and skills that build on your leadership potential and may propel you toward promotional opportunities.

Supported by:

  • Dr. Brian King, Chancellor
  • Carrie Bray, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, District Office
  • Koue Vang, Vice President of Administration, ARC
  • Theresa Tena, Vice President of Administration & Student Support, CRC
  • Dan McKechnie, Vice President of Administration, FLC
  • Mitch Campbell, Interim Vice President of Administrative Services, SCC

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  • Brenda Balsamo
  • Director, Human Resources
  • (916) 568-3103