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Interest-Based Approach Facilitator Training


If you have already completed the 3-day IBA training and are interested in serving as an IBA facilitator or recorder, then you can apply to attend IBA facilitator training. This annual training is two full days and provides you with tips and strategies for being an effective facilitator and recorder for IBA.

You will get an advanced-level refresher of IBA and plenty of hands-on practice in groups, with guidance and feedback from seasoned facilitators. The intent of IBA Facilitator Training is to train an ongoing pool of diverse individuals who can staff a portion of future 3-day trainings.

An additional afternoon called the Pre-3-Day Training Workshop is offered approximately one week later for new facilitators and recorders who will be staffing the next 3-day training. The group will review any new changes to 3-day materials or agendas, staff assignments, setting up and facilitating initiative tasks, and the purpose of each task.


Spring 2020 training is February 27 to 28, 2020. Training will be held in the District Office Board Room from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm each day.


Interest forms are collected throughout the year. All applicants are screened by an selection committee and those who are selected will be notified in January or February to confirm their interest.

To apply, submit the following form: