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Interest-Based Approach Campus Facilitation


Any Los Rios employee may request an IBA Campus Facilitation to help resolve communication and relationship issues on the job. These may occur between two people or involve an entire department.

Stakeholders should first be open to using the IBA process to help resolve the issue and should identify several potential dates and times to meet which are at least two to four weeks out from the date of request. An employee or department manager completes and submits the IBA Facilitation Request Information Form. The Human Resources Training Office then selects a seasoned facilitator and recorder team from a different home campus than the requesting campus to guide the confidential discussion. This process may take just one meeting or many meetings, depending on the issue and ongoing history.

The goal is to work collaboratively to identify potential solutions that everyone can live with and that meet the group's common interests. The process and outcomes are recorded on flip chart paper for the group's eyes only, and if necessary, follow-up meetings are scheduled to reach resolution and to check progress.

For more about the campus facilitation process itself (ground rules, typical agenda, steps in the process), see the back of the Facilitation Request form.


IBA Campus Facilitations are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on Human Resources approval and the group members' and volunteer facilitators' availability.

Request a Facilitation

Contact for an IBA Facilitation Request Form.