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Classified Staff Development Leave

Classified staff development leave gives you the chance to enhance your value as an employee. This type of leave allows you to engage in training, studies, projects, courses, and other beneficial activities.

With approved staff development leave, you are released from your regular duties for the duration of the approved leave.

Who Can Apply?

Staff development leave is available for classified employees who belong to one of the following collective bargaining groups:

  • Los Rios Classified Employees Association (LRCEA)
  • Los Rios Management Association (LRMA)
  • Los Rios Supervisors Association (LRSA)
  • Service Employee Union International (SEIU)

How to Apply

Complete the Application for Long-Term Staff Development Leave and have the appropriate parties sign it. Send your application via inter-campus mail to:

Brenda Balsamo
Human Resources, District Office

Tuition Reimbursement

Upon completion of staff development leave, you may submit a written request to the Staff Development Committee to be reimbursed for any tuition fees you paid. To qualify, you must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) during the leave period. You must provide the following documentation:

  • A receipt from the college or university validating the amount paid and the period covered
  • An official transcript (must remain in sealed envelope)


Employees who take advantage of staff development leave agree to resume their duties at the conclusion of the the leave and remain in Los Rios service for the length of time determined by their contract and district policies and regulations.

Short-Term Staff Development Funds

Short-term development funds are available for certain activities. Submit the Staff Development Funds Application to Human Resources at the District Office.


Brenda Balsamo
Director, Human Resources
(916) 568-3101


See article 7.21 of the  LRCEA collective bargaining agreement.